Lighttpd on android

Added by naanuwaste over 8 years ago

Hi ,
There is a requirement to run a Lighttpd server on android,
so as to run a web-service on the android device .
I need suggestions how to start of with . Any help is appreciated.

Thank & Regards

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RE: Lighttpd on android - Added by HansChristophSteiner over 7 years ago

You can run lighttpd just fine in a Debian chroot on Android. sshd as well, and other things too. We've made a free Android app that is a Debian chroot installer and manager. Try it out, its called Lil' Debi:

Development builds are available here, the bottom-most is the newest:


RE: Lighttpd on android - Added by viulian over 7 years ago

I've cross-compiled lighttpd for Android - for more details, you can check here:

It is a native ARMv5 executable statically linked. Some LUA / MySQL modules are not it, but all the others are.