[Solved] .mmap in chunk.c on AIX 5.2

Added by citaylor 10 months ago

Hiya...I was compiling up 1.4.45 on AIX 5.2 (how old ?!) and everything goes fine except for chunk.c, mod_webdav.c mod_deflate.c, network_write_mmap.c and mod_cgi.c.
It seems AIX 5.2 #define's "mmap" to "mmap64" (what were IBM thinking of?!) if its compiled with 64-bit FILE_OFFSET_64/LARGEFILE support.
This breaks these files because they have a structure member called "mmap" (as defined in chunk.h). Renaming ".mmap" to something else will fix this issue.

I understand you're unlikely to support this ancient version of the O/S, but I just thought I'd log this on the support forums so other users can
find it and maybe help themselves if they have the same issue.

Thanks for a great product.

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RE: .mmap in chunk.c on AIX 5.2 - Added by gstrauss 10 months ago

Thanks for the note (and sorry to hear about your AIX 5.2 albatross)
The quickest workaround is probably to include IBM's ($%^#$%!) header before the struct chunk definition in chunk.h

--- a/src/chunk.h
+++ b/src/chunk.h
@@ -2,6 +2,10 @@
 #define _CHUNK_H_
 #include "first.h" 

+#ifdef _AIX  /*(AIX might #define mmap mmap64)*/
+#include "sys-mmap.h" 
 #include "buffer.h" 
 #include "array.h" 

Does that work for you?