[Solved] Is there an API documentation?

Added by Nico_br over 8 years ago

I'm trying to write a Lighty plug-in and I find myself reading through the core's code just to find out what a function does or what is the definition for a field in a struct.

Seeing many functions are lacking proper comments/documentation, like config_check_cond_cached, using doxygen is not really useful, hence my question: is there an official or unofficial API guide for us, plug in writers who would rather avoid learning the inside outs of Lighty's core just to write a hello world plug-in?


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RE: Is there an API documentation? - Added by stbuehler over 8 years ago

I recommend reading existing plugins... response.c is probably a good start too.

RE: [Solved] Is there an API documentation? - Added by gstrauss about 1 year ago

Some documentation can be found linked to Devel, though not a complete API reference.
mod_skeleton.c is a bare-bones bit of code which is a good place to start, as are some of the shorter modules, including as mod_staticfile.c