[Solved] mod_counter plugin - debug info how to

Added by mad_hatter almost 8 years ago

I built and installed mod_counter as described in tutorial:
i.e. and are installed into lib
I added "log_error_write(srv, FILE, LINE, "s",
"-- mod_counterhandler called")"
into every handler of module but nothing appears in the error.log, like module is never loaded
So, my questions: why? Is it really never loaded, or are there some debugging settings in config file i have to add to see what's happened in the module?

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RE: [Solved] mod_counter plugin - debug info how to - Added by gstrauss about 1 year ago

You need to add server.modules += ( "mod_counter" ) and then your module will be called in the hooks for which your module registers a handler. Temporarily disable other modules if you think that those modules are intercepting and handling the request prior to your hooks being called.