Bug #1150

Incomplete cache files can lead to serving bad content

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I recently had the partition that contains my cache/compress directory become full. After that, each time a request was handled for a file that didn't already appear in the compressed cache, an error like the following was logged:

2007-04-25 09:58:47: (mod_compress.c.398) creating cachefile /tmp/cache/compress/stargaze/ILmass.htm-gzip-2289252-13601-1116618996 failed No space left on device

This was all fine, and the request was served with un-cached content, as you would expect. However, the next time that page was requested, the empty cache file would be found, and the request would be fulfilled with a zero-length response. I served a number of empty pages that day before I noticed.

The solution is simply to remove the compressed cache file if the write fails. A patch is attached.

-- gadams+lighttpd

patch-1 (501 Bytes) patch-1 Patch to fix mod_compress empty cache file problem -- gadams+lighttpd Anonymous, 2007-04-25 20:08

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Fix #1150: remove compress cache file if compression or write failed

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I think you patched the wrong place; if open() failed, there is no new file to delete.

If the write (or the compression) fails, then the cache file should be removed.

Fixed in r2101

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