Bug #2416

Version 1.4.30 - Minor config problem: config_read: Assertion `context.all_configs->used == 0' failed.

Added by shevegen over 3 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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Target version:1.4.31
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I found out that giving -f more than once can cause problems.

lighttpd -f lighttpd.conf -f lighttpd.conf

It was the same .conf file btw (which was my accident, I just found out that lighttpd hates this)

Lighttpd then will say:

lighttpd: configfile.c:1101: config_read: Assertion `context.all_configs->used == 0' failed.

And it will abort.

When I first had this problem, it was not obvious to me why it happened (I used an alias actually and then just appended -f again to this alias, which used -f already).

The error message: "Assertion failed" was not useful to me.


Make this specific error message more useful in case a user uses the -f option twice (or more than once).

Suggestion for error message, in case of abort-like problems:

"You seem to be using the -f option more than once."
"Please review your configuration files as they may contradict each other."

And then a listing which specific configuration option is in conflict perhaps - that would be most helpful.

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Revision 2836
Added by stbuehler over 3 years ago

Detect multiple -f options: show error message instead of assert (fixes #2416)


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