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Version 1.4.49 - Running issue

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As part of a POC I was trying to use lighttpd server. So I have build the version 1.4.49 but while running I am getting below error. Could you please help on this.

Error : dlopen() failed for: /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: buffer_is_empty



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Could you please help on this.

No, not in an invalid bug report, and not with so little information. Maybe try again in the developer forum?


Updated by Anonymous about 1 year ago

Development forum already have the issue raised with title compiled lighttpd but missing - for embedded system. But it is not yet resolved.


Updated by gstrauss about 1 year ago

You need to communicate better. How about a link? The lighttpd Development Forum on this site is and I think you're looking elsewhere.


Updated by Anonymous about 1 year ago

I had gone through some another link and issue got fixed. As I was doing cross compile, wasn't perform make install. After doing make install with --prefix path all the related shared object files created in the specified path.

While running the server I have used the -m option to specify where I have copied the related shared object files.


These are helpful links which gave me different direction:


Updated by gstrauss about 1 year ago

Thank you for the update.

Do you realize that in no place in this "bug" report did you mention that you're building lighttpd statically?

Please do not submit invalid bug reports for questions. Use the forums.


Updated by Anonymous about 1 year ago

Sorry, my aim was to submit in forum : Something was burning on my head.
Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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