Bug #623

max-procs not handled for local (unix socket) SCGI in mod_scgi

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This is actually a mod_scgi bug (no mod_scgi component choice here)

The following configuration does not create, as expected, a single instance of SCGI process:
which I want to run locally (on a very lightly loaded lighttpd server - for debugging & development purposes, I am the only user of the HTTP server). I also would like lighttpd/mod_scgi to start my process (ie the SCGI server) and I want the communication to be done on a Unix socket.

scgi.max-procs = 1

scgi.server = (".bark" => ("localhost" => (
                              "bin-path" => env.HOME + "/BarkScgi/bark.scgi -d",
                              "min-procs" => 1,
                              "max-procs" => 1,
                              "idle-timeout" => 100,
                              "socket" => "/var/tmp/bark_scgi_socket" 

See for more details.

A workaround is known: use TCP/IP communication (thru localhost:4002 for example) and start separately the SCGI server. But this is less practical to me, and I believe that the above configuration is documented to work.


mod_scgi-max-procs-fix.patch (497 Bytes) mod_scgi-max-procs-fix.patch -- milde <dackze Anonymous, 2006-07-26 18:59

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Added by stbuehler almost 11 years ago

fix min-procs handling in mod_scgi.c, just set to max-procs (patch from #623)

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Updated by Anonymous over 12 years ago

That should fix it in the latest 1.4 branch. I don't know what happened to mod_scgi in the trunk though.

-- milde


Updated by Anonymous over 12 years ago

Also, if someone with power could remove my email from the attachment--which I mistakenly left in--that would be nice.

-- milde


Updated by sjamaan about 11 years ago

Another workaround is to replace min-procs with min-procs-not-working. It will honour that setting as if it were min-procs.


Updated by stbuehler almost 11 years ago

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