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lighty should buffer responses (after it grows above certain size) on disk

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Hi, nginx <> provides the ability to specify how much of the request/response is buffered in memory and request/responses larger than that are buffered on filesystems
This would be useful for large POST requests (file-uploads) from slow clients or slow backends becayse lighty would manage the client handling and the backend would slurp the large request from the relatively quick connection between it and lighty

When you configure nginx, it defaults to providing the following parameters

nginx http client request body temporary files: $prefix/client_body_temp
nginx http proxy temporary files: $prefix/proxy_temp

-- yusufg

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Related to Bug #949: fastcgi, cgi, flush, php5 problem. Fixed

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Revision 5a91fd4b (diff)
Added by gstrauss 11 months ago

[core] buffer large responses to tempfiles (fixes #758, fixes #760, fixes #933, fixes #1387, #1283, fixes #2083)

This replaces buffering entire response in memory which might lead to
huge memory footprint and possibly to memory exhaustion.

use tempfiles of fixed size so disk space is freed as each file sent

update callers of http_chunk_append_mem() and http_chunk_append_buffer()
to handle failures when writing to tempfile.

"memory fragmentation leads to high memory usage after peaks"
"Random crashing on FreeBSD 6.1"
"lighty should buffer responses (after it grows above certain size) on disk"
"Memory usage increases when proxy+ssl+large file"
"lighttpd+fastcgi memory problem"
"Excessive Memory usage with streamed files from PHP"


#1 Updated by jakabosky over 10 years ago

I like this feature. It can help free up the backends when a slow client is sending a large request body.

#2 Updated by jakabosky over 10 years ago

request content > 64Kbyte will be cached to disk.

cache location:


large response content will be cached the same way.

#3 Updated by gstrauss 11 months ago

  • Related to Bug #949: fastcgi, cgi, flush, php5 problem. added

#4 Updated by gstrauss 11 months ago

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  • Target version set to 1.4.40

New: asynchronous, bidirectional streaming support for request and response
Submitted pull request:

included in the pull request is buffering large responses to temporary files instead of keeping it all in memory

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