From 2016-04-23 to 2016-04-29


08:57 Feature #2294: add ldap referrals support
Changing to feature request. Still requires feedback.
Tangentially related ticket
08:44 Bug #1417 (Fixed): mod_fastcgi doesn't accept hostnames for 'host'. This is not according to Docs...
I verified that the docs state to use IP address string:
08:04 Feature #1584 (Patch Pending): support for xinetd
I submitted a patch to add lighttpd -1 (one-shot) mode of operation for use with xinetd:


17:27 Bug #406: PHP PATH_INFO improperly converted to lowercase
I have committed patch to preserve the case of PATH_INFO when the target filesystem is case-insensitive.
However, ...
05:04 Feature #2323 (Need Feedback): RADIUS support for mod_auth for 1.4.x
> Would it be possible (or impossible) to add RADIUS support to mod_auth? What kind of effort would be involved?
04:31 Feature #2383 (Need Feedback): mod_alias: use alias directory as doc-root too
DOCUMENT_ROOT is not part of the CGI specification (
04:12 Feature #2431: mod_cgi process limit
(If looking to arbitrarily limit the number of outstanding requests to backends, perhaps a more generic solution woul... gstrauss
04:09 Feature #2431 (Fixed): mod_cgi process limit
Recent commits change mod_cgi to asynchronously send request body to CGI script, and to be able to read CGI response ... gstrauss
03:44 Feature #954 (Need Feedback): X-LIGHTTPD-KBytes-per-second header patch
Is there still a desire for this feature?
If so, it should probably be implemented as a way to lower any existing ...
03:25 Feature #2432: Adding JSON Output support to mod_status (patch)
> Xaos, still interested in this patch?
Please give my patch a try. Thanks.


14:37 Bug #1787: Bug in mod_webdav when using aliases and MOVE command gstrauss
01:47 Feature #1953: Improve DAV support to be able to handle git as a client
Even though I marked this ticket as 'wontfix' because the superior solution is to run git-http-backend via CGI, I do ... gstrauss


22:01 Feature #2372 (Patch Pending): mod_*cgi and ipv6 address gstrauss


09:21 Feature #1953 (Wontfix): Improve DAV support to be able to handle git as a client
The recommended solution is to run git-http-backend via CGI.
Instructions for how to configure lighttpd to run git...
08:38 Feature #2327: Ignore comments, trailing blanks and empty lines in ht{digest,passwd} files
building on gstrauss
07:28 Feature #1005 (Wontfix): hanging connection instead of rejecting with error status
Not responding (hanging) some connections is likely to result in terrible user experience, as the request(s) sent on ... gstrauss
07:16 Feature #641 (Wontfix): Add support for graceful load shedding / HTTP 503
max_connections controls the max number of open socket connections. If max_connections is reached, future connection... gstrauss
06:47 Bug #2058 (Fixed): Closed connection by peer is not reported to fastcgi/scgi service
06:38 Feature #2340 (Fixed): decoding %2F in fastcgi PATH_INFO
PATH_INFO is defined in the CGI spec to not be url-encoded.
As an alternative to get the information you seek, lig...
06:00 Feature #2706 (Fixed): Matching IPv6 addresses with $HTTP["remoteip"]
Applied in changeset commit:bed63b79625cf98f41317b62519fa8abb7a82c1e. gstrauss
06:00 Feature #36 (Fixed): fcgi remote backends intelligent availability check
Applied in changeset commit:dbdab5dbc9b98df9c40f11e0fc6a6ce49bfea804. gstrauss
06:00 Feature #2702 (Fixed): REDIRECT_URI not set in mod_cgi
Applied in changeset commit:dbdab5dbc9b98df9c40f11e0fc6a6ce49bfea804. gstrauss
06:00 Bug #1828 (Fixed): REDIRECT_STATUS == 200 on 404 redirect
Applied in changeset commit:5492063f356755e276344427d4ef8ad2541d3c8d. gstrauss
06:00 Bug #2727 (Fixed): Won't compile with OpenSSL 1.1.0
Applied in changeset commit:49c74fff65d23756746cab1470c67cf94b9db789. gstrauss
05:53 Revision 8f255d35: [doc] NEWS
05:52 Revision bed63b79: [core] support IPv6 in $HTTP["remote-ip"] CIDR cond match (fixes #2706)
"Matching IPv6 addresses with $HTTP["remoteip"]"
github: closes #52
05:51 Revision a3d4aa9f: server.error-handler new directive for error pages
Merge branch 'feature-2702-server.error-handler' into master gstrauss
05:50 Bug #131 (Fixed): FastCGI FCGI_STDOUT before FCGI_STDIN bug
Applied in changeset commit:2f21aaa973a902ee237a9894bdedd6c82c8edfe2. gstrauss
05:50 Bug #2566 (Fixed): mod_fastcgi should handle "quick" responses
Applied in changeset commit:2f21aaa973a902ee237a9894bdedd6c82c8edfe2. gstrauss
05:50 Bug #2541 (Fixed): HTTP 401 Unauthorized only sent back after full POST request is read.
Applied in changeset commit:c263bc6a119faa52a2e2ffd65bb986213fd5280e. gstrauss
05:50 Bug #399 (Fixed): FastCGI performance on high load
Applied in changeset commit:4b0c822ed0e00a5176d4da1827024f1751d3c508. gstrauss
05:02 Revision b473220d: set REDIRECT_URI in mod_rewrite, mod_magnet
set REDIRECT_URI in mod_rewrite, mod_magnet if request URI is modified
to differ from the original request URI.
05:02 Revision 27cbae9c: [doc] add server.error-handler
add server.error-handler in doc/config/lighttpd.conf gstrauss
05:01 Revision 87b172e7: remove unused con->error_handler member
Also remove con->in_error_handler member since non-zero
con->error_handler_saved_status can be used as flag to
05:01 Revision dbdab5db: [core] server.error-handler new directive for error pages (fixes #2702)
server.error-handler preserves HTTP status error code when error page
is static, and allows dynamic handlers to chang...
05:00 Revision 5492063f: [core] set REDIRECT_STATUS to error_handler_saved_status (fixes #1828)
set REDIRECT_STATUS to con->error_handler_saved_status in dynamic
handlers for PHP compiled with --force-redirect. S...
01:15 Feature #410 (Fixed): TLS Support
Using OpenSSL, lighttpd has supported TLS for a long time. In fact, SSLv3 has been disabled in the lighttpd default ... gstrauss
00:28 Revision 49c74fff: [core] compile with upcoming openssl 1.1.0 release (fixes #2727)
(thx falemagn)
"Won't compile with OpenSSL 1.1.0"
00:28 Revision d7638b9b: fix some warnings reported by static analysis tool
iterate over environ via array-index notation with char **ptr on stack
(instead of repeatedly re-accessing global 'en...
00:24 Revision 8de5f415: [doc] add mimetype.use-xattr to conf.d/mime.conf
"Migrate to definition of xattr mimetype"
00:24 Revision d0dc881d: [doc] enhance error msg for backend server config
enhance error message for backend server config file parse
(fastcgi.server, scgi.server, proxy.server)
00:24 Revision 3888a141: [doc] add ref to RFC 7232 for conditional requests
00:24 Revision 4db255ca: make (compile and link) cleanly under cygwin
00:08 Revision eb0cbb00: improve dynamic handler control flow logic
Merge branch 'feature-dynamic-handler-control-flow' gstrauss


09:24 Feature #851 (Patch Pending): Feature Request: New option "x-send-file-docroot" gstrauss

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