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2683BugNewNormalHTTP requests with long GET are getting dropped2015-11-22 20:55core1.4.x
2674BugNewNormalAdd Lua 5.2 supportstbuehler2015-11-07 12:40mod_magnet1.4.39
2666BugNewNormalhandle filesystems without mmap() support2015-11-07 14:181.4.x
2655BugReopenedHighServing a file that is getting updated can cause an empty response or incorrect content-length error2015-11-07 14:14core1.4.39
2645BugNewNormallighttpd doesn't support case-insensitive for content-coding values ??2015-07-04 10:591.4.x
2631BugNewLowMigrate to definition of xattr mimetype2015-04-06 14:11core1.4.x
2598BugNewNormalSemantics of else clause looks strange2014-11-02 10:311.4.x
2595BugNewNormal(mod_cgi.c.1312) cleaning up CGI: process died with signal 62014-09-20 17:16
2594BugNewNormalReverse proxy return 0 byte for some pages2014-09-12 08:54mod_proxy
2593BugNewNormalPatches in doc for mod_proxy is in-compatible with 1.4.35omegasteffy2014-09-11 10:19documentation
2589BugNewNormal40MB-100MB Quicktimes take minutes to load (CentOS, lighttpd 1.4.35, Chrome)2014-08-30 03:43
2588BugNewNormalProblem when uploading large files2015-08-24 18:35core1.4.x
2584BugPatch PendingNormalPatch for Resource leakshashank1.m2015-11-07 14:08core1.4.39
2583BugPatch PendingNormalDereference a null pointer2014-07-08 06:29
2582BugNewNormalDereference a null pointer2014-07-07 12:331.4.x
2581BugNewNormalDereference a null pointer2014-07-07 12:261.4.x
2566BugNewNormalmod_fastcgi should handle "quick" responses2014-04-02 11:551.4.x
2564BugNewNormalstrtol() usage2014-03-27 12:06
2562BugNewLowSSL + SNI with cyclic CAs/not unique issuers? broken2014-03-13 18:111.4.x
2560BugPatch PendingLowbuffer_path_simplify sometimes has a wrong state internally2015-11-07 14:111.4.39
2548BugNewNormalcannot build statically compiled lighttpd2014-02-05 02:521.4.x
2545BugNewNormalHTTP 413 - request entity too large2014-01-19 11:141.4.x
2542BugNewNormalRace leads to incorrect output in some circumstances2014-01-24 13:27mod_cgi1.4.x
2541BugNewNormalHTTP 401 Unauthorized only sent back after full POST request is read.2013-12-19 01:10core
2531BugNewNormalssl.verifyclient.activate does not work with SNI2013-12-01 13:30

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