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15:11 Lighttpd Support: RE: enable basic authentication for add-on modules in code
I understand that, and I saw the post by sravas. However, the question is a bit different. Where in the source, or wh...
11:42 Lighttpd Support: enable basic authentication for add-on modules in code
Hello, I've included a pam module in lighttpd 1.4.48 that has basic authentication method. The problem I'm experienci...


12:25 Lighttpd Feature #688: auth via pam
sravas wrote:
> The same patch updated for 1.4.45.
Hello sravas, can you please share some information with me on...


04:12 Lighttpd Support: RE: [Solved] logging auth to a separate file
Okay, sorry ... let me bring up the old topic here
Firstly, regarding catching login requests, I must check for au...


09:38 Lighttpd Support: RE: auth log
Sorry to bring up an old thread, but have you figured out how to log meaningful information for authentication attemp...
09:26 Lighttpd Support: [Solved] Digest login logging
I have a question regarding logging for digest login method. I'm using the following settings for digest me...


10:46 Lighttpd Support: RE: digest login autofill
I agree with you, however, this is a client decision, my job is to research information on this topic and find a poss...
10:03 Lighttpd Support: RE: digest login autofill
Worth mentioning, this occurs in Chrome 62.0.3202.94 and Firefox 57.0, that I'm able to test ... but according to my ...
09:55 Lighttpd Support: [OT] digest login autofill
I'm not sure if I will get help on this here, but worth shooting a topic.
I would like to prevent browser autofill...


07:45 Lighttpd Support: RE: [Invalid] Mod usertrack NOT working
ligttpd_user wrote:
> How did you set HttpOnly flag ? in 1.4.47 version.
To tell you the truth, it does NOT work ...

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