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01:58 Lighttpd Support: RE: Start-up log?
Now I got it working!
And thanks!


00:10 Lighttpd Support: RE: Start-up log?
Ok, it still doesn't work and it would be best if I start the install from the beginning. Since I am running it on a ...


22:52 Lighttpd Support: RE: Start-up log?
And now I feel really stupid about the uppercase, but it's not like it's a new experience!
22:05 Lighttpd Support: RE: Start-up log?
I found the "Start" here, but it may be that I am not smart enough to understand it!
17:45 Lighttpd Support: Start-up log?
I have setup Lighttpd and I am starting it up with
/home/qsys/lighttpd/sbin/lighttpd Start -f /home/qsys/lighttpd/...
21:57 Lighttpd Feedback: RE: Poor User Support
It is just a general idea that I was putting out there. A mailing list keeps more people involved. I am on a few tech...
18:50 Lighttpd Feedback: Poor User Support
I am new to Lighttpd and on big problem is the support. I am not knocking the people or the server, but with many ot...


16:12 Lighttpd Support: RE: installing the compile step
OK, I just figured out how dumb that questions is!
13:35 Lighttpd Support: installing the compile step
After I run "/home/qsys/lighttpd/configure" I cannot find the 'make' file to run. The system is BSD Linux ... I am su...

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