Join this line with the next one (removing the space between them if you used the J command on vim)
and you will see that the "td colspan" stuff will disappear and the "ABCDEFGHIJKL" will enter the table.
This is because the «<td» gets broken.
If you see any text outside of the two tables, then you have a buggy mod_ssi. This is probably due to a buffer alignement issue. What happens is that in some corner cases mod_ssi simply overwrites one character. Now, if that char is an essential part of an HTML tag, the web page gets modified in a way that might be noticed. This is how I found the bug, by the way. There are lots of padding here and there in the source of this HTML page. If you remove something somewhere but do not "compensate" by adding the same number of chars somewhereelse then the bug dissapears. Everything after the following line in the HTML source can be changed in any way, and will not affect the bug described above. The easiest way to check that a5fcfee really has the bug is to serve this file without SSI and then with SSI. Then, with SSI enabled, join lines 20 and 21, first leaving a white space between them, then replacing that with a Q. Finally, getting rid of the letter you left between what were lines 20 and 21. I did not investigate further. A B C D E F G H I J K L
Space Time
Funny, isn't it? x y z t