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I have lighttpd installed on embedded system with linux.
I'm trying upload file from html page to the server but have no success.
How to configure the lighttpd for file upload?
What modules should be laoaded?

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RE: Html file upload - Added by carpii about 10 years ago

What problem are you having, exactly?

If you're a developer, you should already know that 'have no success' tells us nothing useful.

RE: Html file upload - Added by stonezafu about 10 years ago

You say 'upload to the server' so your question sounds as if maybe you need to use ssh to sort out file permissions on the embedded system before you can ftp files to your server's document-root.
If you want to download files from the embedded server, you shouldn't need any extra modules. If you omit an index.html file in the directory you want to serve files from, you'll get a file list displayed when you http:// to that directory.
I'm sorry if my guesswork about your query is off-target.
I'm successfully using lighttpd on a PogoPlug under Debian Squeeze - serving graphs of my domestic solar production:
Good luck with your endeavours.