How to Update Lighttpd Version?

Added by thesbrom 11 months ago

Trying to update from 1.4.39 to 1.4.50. I'm on Ubuntu 14.04.3.

Following instructions here:

Everything seems to go fine, but when I start lighttpd again, it's still on 1.4.39. A few questions:

How do I locate the install directory for 1.4.39 to remove it, as per the instructions? Is that referring to the folder the 1.4.39 tar ball extracted to? I have done make uninstall there but haven't deleted the files.

How do I verify 1.4.50 was installed? The configure and the make all seem to run correctly.

I don't have /etc/init.d/lighttpd. I have a version in /usr/sbin and /usr/local/sbin. Starting and stopping lighttpd on this server is done via "start lighttpd" "stop lighttpd" "restart lighttpd" - how do I find out where this is stopping / starting from?

I inherited this server and never did the original install, so I really have no idea if it is non-standard in any way. I'm also pretty fresh at server management in general.

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RE: How to Update Lighttpd Version? - Added by lightrr 11 months ago

root@vorman:/usr/local/bin# which lighttpd