Is Lighttpd still a good solution for static content ?

Added by ronweasleys 8 months ago


I read some bad posts about Lighttpd on this sub, but they are 3/4 years old (now it seems almost everyone swears by Nginx/apache combination)

- "Dead project" ? => last version 1.4.51 (october 2018)

- "No support for websockets " well it was added to mod_proxy in lighttpd 1.4.46.

- "Lighttpd devs are jerks" ... (

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RE: Is Lighttpd still a good solution for static content ? - Added by gstrauss 7 months ago

I am unsure if you are asking a serious question or trolling. (questionable links have been removed from your post)

lighttpd is demonstrably not dead and it has websockets support, both of which you already pointed out.

Regarding the user demanding that the developers implement exactly the thing he or she wanted, well, that is a misinformed user with little, if any, credibility, who is apparently unaware of piped loggers or other alternative solutions readily available, such as post-processing of rotated logs. Piped loggers and those alternative solutions such as post-processing all likely have higher performance for the web server since that post-processing can be done off the critical path, offloading the web server.

lighttpd developers are volunteers -- not paid -- and do not have to tolerate abusive users. Those who act entitled are often dismissed, especially those who demand that their opinions are the one-and-only way to do something, without providing reasonable evidence to support said opinion.

On the other hand, those who make an attempt to help themselves, or an attempt at a conversation and reasoned debate, are often provided with professional guidance and requested features (allowing for time and effort of volunteers).