[Solved] What "mimetype.assign" means

Added by Miwa 17 days ago

Hello everybody,

I am a beginner trying to use lighttpd and I have a HTML page including some CSS file and Javascript file to integrate to my CGI application.

I was wondering what is the meaning of mimetype.assign?

For example, I have :

mimetype.assign = ( ".js" => "text/html")

If I want to include my Javascript file, do I need to replace "text/html" by the path of my Javascript file ?

Or shall I only change parameter in index-file.names = ("myIndex.html") and the path of server.document-root = "./path" ?

Thank you for you help.

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RE: What "mimetype.assign" means - Added by gstrauss 16 days ago

On this site, Documentation on this site is a good place to start.
Configuration: Quick Start provides some simple examples.
Configuration: Options has a short description of each option and often a link to more information.

Please start there. If you have further questions about something in the documentation, please post those questions here.