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A couple of non-technical questions:

- What's the long-term vision with the Lighttpd project?

- Is there a high level roadmap available for major future versions of Lighttpd?

- I've read that Lighttpd is good at delivering static content. Are you going to continue improving this area or will you shift focus to dynamic content?

- Is the Lighttpd project continuously sponsored by any companies?

Thanks in advance.

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RE: Long-term vision - Added by icy over 9 years ago

Hi Henrik,

the long-term vision is the same since the project was started I think: provide a resource friendly, fast and secure webserver that is easy to use, flexible and can host large production websites.
We also try to be innovative from time to time as seen in the past with X-sendfile and mod_flv_streaming for example.

There is no real high level roadmap. The next big version is 2.0 which we'll ship as soon as we think it's ready for the masses. It's already very stable, fast and flexible but some edges are a bit rough still.

Indeed one of Lightys strengths is delivering static content. In 2.0 we have improved both areas, serving static files scales now better with many disks and serving dynamic content is more flexible and robust at the same time.

The project is not sponsored by any companies. Although we get donations in rare occasions, it's not enough to even cover the server costs of 50 euros each month. Funding comes from the project members on top of their time commitment.
We'd like to see continuously sponsorship from companies who make good use of our work but on the other hand we can't commit fixed amounts of time to work on Lighty as everyone has either a fulltime job or is studying.

Hope this helps to get a basic overview of what this project is about :)

Your questions sound like an interview for an article. If that is the case please let us know when/where it's published, thanks.