Reverse Proxy

Added by Azafar45 over 9 years ago


I am new to Lighttpd and want to use its reverse proxy functionality on a+ Windows based+ machine as per the following:

  • Lighttpd would work on port 80 (only port 80 will be exposed to outer world on the internet)
  • Tomcat is working on port 8080 running my Application1 on the local LAN only
  • Another Tomcat is working on port 8090 running my Application2 on the local LAN only
  • Both application1 and application2 need to communicate with Lighttpd using AJP13 protocol

I know that Apache works well using above configuration on AJP13 protocol (we normally use and file in this case)

Any step by step instructions for Windows based machine would be highly appreciated.

Thanx.. & Regards
Abid Zafar