Could you please help me add the LLMP project to the Wiki?

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I created the LLMP project, Could you help me add the LLMP website ( to the wiki (

Thank you!

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RE: Could you please help me add the LLMP project to the Wiki? - Added by stbuehler over 6 years ago


PoweredByLighttpd is for sites that actually run lighttpd. runs on github, and I don't think they run lighttpd.
(You claim that runs LLMP, but server.tag is 1.4.32, while your git repo shows that it should be 1.4.33...)
I don't think (which is only your "look it is running" demo page) qualifies as "interesting enough" to be included in PoweredByLighttpd, even if it is running lighttpd.

About your project itself: as far as I can see, it does two things:
  • it has a simple script to maintain a very simplistic list of domains. the script is broken (domain names need to be escaped before being used as regex), and it would fail as soon as you add something more complex to the config (like per vhost rewrite/redirect rules, aliases, ...).
  • it compiles fixed upstream versions from source: where is the stable security support? how do you announce updates? do you intend to apply the lastest security fixes? Given that the dists you support already have binary versions of the packages and have systems in place to support this stuff, I think your approach is wrong. Use packages. If you want to support more recent versions, setup repositories with more recent versions. ( (also supports deb packages), ubuntu PPA, ...)

And from your README

Why do you recreate the wheel called the LLMP?
Smaller, faster, more efficently.

This is just bullshit; and I couldn't find anything else documenting what you're doing this for. Perhaps you should start thinking about that first.