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forgotten set-footer option in mod_dirlisting

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#!rst ==================
Directory Listings ==================

Module: mod_dirlisting

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:keywords: lighttpd, directory listings, dirlisting

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Description ===========

mod_dirlisting is one of the modules that is loaded by default and doesn't have to
be specified on server.modules to work.

A directory listing is generated if a directory is requested and no index-file
was found in that directory.

To enable directory listings globally: ::

dir-listing.activate = "enable"

If you need it only for a directory, use conditionals: ::

$HTTP["url"] =~ "^/download($|/)" {
dir-listing.activate = "enable"

You can also use an external generator for directory listings if you use
mod_indexfile. ::

index-file.names = ( "/dir-generator.php" )

If a directory is requested, the dir-generator.php is called instead which can
take the REQUEST_URI to see which directory was requested.

For large folders this is highly recommended.

Options =======

enables virtual directory listings if a directory is requested no
index-file was found.

Default value: disable

if enabled, does not list hidden files in directory listings generated
by the dir-listing option.

Default value: disable

path to an external css stylesheet for the directory listing.

list of regular expressions. Files that match any of the specified regular
expressions will be excluded from directory listings.

Use inside of conditionals was broken before 1.4.14. See

set a encoding for the generated directory listing.

If your file-system is not using ASCII you have to set the encoding of
the filenames as they are put into the HTML listing AS IS (with XML
Example: ::
dir-listing.encoding = "utf-8"
show the contents of the README.txt file after the directory listing.

Default value: disable

hide README.txt files from the directory listing.

Default value: disable
show the contents of the HEADER.txt file before the directory listing.

Default value: disable

hide HEADER.txt files from the directory listing.

Default value: disable

displays a string in the footer of a listing page.

Default value: "<PACKAGE_NAME>/<PACKAGE_VERSION>" ie. "lighttpd/1.4.18" 

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