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h1. mod_wstunnel


*Module: mod_wstunnel*

WebSocket tunnel endpoint. This module terminates the websocket tunnel from a client. This module then passes data (without websocket frames) to a backend and encodes responses from backend in websocket frames before sending responses to client.

*EXPERIMENTAL* (new in lighttpd 1.4.46)

Note: if looking to proxy websockets to a backend, then see [[Docs_ModProxy]], [[Docs_ModCGI]], or other backends, some of which can be enabled to be transparent proxies to backends after client sends @Upgrade: websocket@

h2. Description

Brief description of [[Docs_ConfigurationOptions#mod_wstunnel|mod_wstunnel directives]]

table{margin-left: 2em}.
|_.option |_. description |
| wstunnel.server | backend server to which to send requests |
| wstunnel.balance | load-balancing algorithm for backends ("fair", "least-connection", "round-robin", "hash", or "sticky") |
| wstunnel.debug | debug level (value between 0 and 65535) |
| wstunnel.frame-type | websocket frame type: "text" or "binary" |
| | map multiple extensions to the same wstunnel backend |
| | list of permitted origins in Origin request header (optional) |
| | send websocket PING frame at given interval in sec (default 0; none sent) |

table{margin-left: 4em}.
|_.wstunnel.server-option |_. description |
| host | ip of the backend process |
| port | tcp-port on the "host" used by the backend process |
| socket | path to the unix-domain socket |
| bin-path | path to the local backend binary which should be started if no local backend is running |
| bin-environment | set environment of backend binary |
| bin-copy-environment | copy environment from server for backend binary |
| disable-time | time to wait before a disabled backend is checked again |
| idle-timeout | number of seconds before a unused process gets terminated |
| listen-backlog | listen backlog queue size (for backend daemons started by mod_wstunnel) |
| max-load-per-proc | maximum number of waiting processes on average per process before a new process is spawned |
| max-procs | upper limit of processes to start |
| min-procs | sets the minimum processes to start |

Details for wstunnel.server parameters can be found in [[Docs_ModFastCGI|mod_fastcgi]] documentation, since the wstunnel module shares the same code infrastructure with the FastCGI module, and fastcgi.server parameters are very similar.