SMP and lighty


lighty is a single-threaded, single-process, event-based, non-blocking-IO web server. While
this is perfect for the performance it doesn't scale very well over CPUs. In most cases you
don't have to care about it as lighty will usually not be able to utilize the full CPU to
fill the network-pipe. All the heavy jobs are moved to external applications (see mod_fastcgi).

But there are several cases where it makes sense to have several processes running and
since 1.4.x we have support to spawn several processes to listen on a single socket:

Read this -> server.max-workers

server.max-worker = 8 # this may break many things


It has been shown that lighty scales mostly linearly on multicore, multi-processor boxes if you
set the number of workers equal to two times the number of cores if you are CPU bound (heavy rewrites, heavy proxying).
Usually you don't have to care about CPU-bound processing.


If you have to serve a lot of large files with a high concurrency, you will notice that you will be IO-bound
to your hard-drive. lighty will spend most of the time waiting for the hard-drive to seek to the right
sector to send out the file.

As lighty will wait for the disk, all connections in the process will have to wait. In order to process more requests concurrently, you should create 4 to 16 work processes. This will allow you to both send and wait for data at the same time.

See for more information.


Using NFS is basically the same as being IO-bound: most of the time is spent waiting on the remote system to deliver the content or to stat()/open() a file. In those cases you want to include the number of workers to spread the probability over several processes:

server.max-worker = 8 # this may break many things

A value between 8 and 16 should handle most setups.


By running 2 or more processes on the same socket you will have a better concurrency, but will have a few drawbacks that you have to be aware of:

  • mod_accesslog might create broken access logs, as the same file is opened twice and is NOT synchronized.
  • mod_status will have <n> separate counters, one set for each process.
  • mod_rrdtool will fail as it receives the same timestamp twice.
  • mod_uploadprogress will not show correct status.

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