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03:17 Lighttpd Wiki edit: MigratingFromApache (#48)
Fix some broken syntax that was causing one of the "Problem" instances to not be bolded CCormier
03:01 Lighttpd Wiki edit: Server_max-workerDetails (#14)
Minor wording cleanups, as well as typo and redundancy fixes CCormier
01:13 Lighttpd Misc: RE: Debian Wiki page for Lighttpd
Aha, I understand. You're saying that when using the ... CCormier
00:40 Lighttpd Misc: RE: Debian Wiki page for Lighttpd
The review so far is much appreciated, I've adopted your suggestions into your page. I intend to type up a larger rep... CCormier


22:16 Lighttpd Misc: Debian Wiki page for Lighttpd
Hi! I've become a huge fan of Lighttpd recently after trying it out on one of my servers. I've written a page on the ... CCormier

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