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23:51 Lighttpd Wiki edit: AbsoLUAtion (#21)


09:05 Lighttpd Feature #2199: [mod_evasive] redirect if maximum connections exceeded
I'm really unsure, if such a redirect is the task of mod_evasive. This module is about banning IP's if too many reque... crypt


10:15 Lighttpd Feature #2174: Allow mod_accesslog to print cookie value
I wrote something similar for myself and I also see the need for this feature, but I would not parse the cookie for e... crypt
02:55 Lighttpd Feature #2236 (Fixed): Optimize accesslog_append_escaped
lighttpd > 1.4.20 got the new function accesslog_append_escaped() in mod_accesslog, which is fine but I think the imp... crypt


00:07 Lighttpd Feature #2139: Optimizing buffer_append_long()
Sorry for my late response. The XOR-swap was just an attempt to remove the temporary variable. I think on most common... crypt


15:12 Lighttpd Feature #2142 (Wontfix): stat_cache increase
The simple stat_cache engine only caches for one second. On large static servers with sparse file changes, it could b... crypt
15:00 Lighttpd Feature #2141 (Missing Feedback): Magnet enhancement
lighttpd uses a very simple hash algorithm to create etags. I ported the function "hashme" to lua to be able to creat... crypt
14:37 Lighttpd Bug #2140 (Fixed): Segfault on config error
he config syntax of lighttpd's rewrite rules are more like associative arrays in PHP then the rewrite syntax of Apach... crypt
14:35 Lighttpd Feature #2139 (Fixed): Optimizing buffer_append_long()
lighttpd's internal buffer datatype has different functions in order to write data into the char array behind the sce... crypt
14:32 Lighttpd Feature #2138 (Invalid): Rewrite document-root for www-prefix
I taught mod_simple_vhost a new config option, which allows to use the same document-root for domains with and withou... crypt

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