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22:48 Lighttpd Support: RE: [Solved] Invalid character in URI -> 400 /?a=%09Brooklyn
I can understand your frustration if someone isn't reading the release notes, but these sort of hostile responses are...


02:05 Lighttpd Misc: RE: Regarding the working of lighttpd
> Lighttpd's framework is similar to nginx where Lighttpd spawns a number of worker processes
Don't take this as g...


23:45 Lighttpd Support: RE: Selecting port for lighttpd
Typically you might bind lighttpd to a different port if you are using a reverse proxy (such as haproxy).


22:32 Lighttpd Support: RE: lighttpd cannot be restarted
Are you loading mod_accesslog in your lighttpd config?
Without this, you will see the error "unknown config-key: acc...
22:23 Lighttpd Support: RE: How to stop large file receiving?
Once the HTTP 413 response has been sent (due to max-request-size), how are you verifying that lighttpd is still acce...
22:17 Lighttpd Support: RE: How to configure lighttpd for file upload ?
Your question is so vague nobody can possibly help you
Trying reading the docs, like everyone else had to when the...


21:47 Lighttpd Support: RE: regression in regexp vars v1.4.40
Confirmed as working, thankyou.
I've sent another PayPal donation to support lighty :-)
> Aside: in the future...
21:14 Lighttpd Support: RE: regression in regexp vars v1.4.40
Thankyou! Will test this patch shortly
I've created a bug report at
12:37 Lighttpd Support: RE: regression in regexp vars v1.4.40
I've simplified my haproxy and lighty configs as much as I can to demonstrate the problem...
21:13 Lighttpd Bug #2794 (Fixed): 1.4.40 regression: regexp subst vars mangled by config-glue condition caching
When lighttpd is accessed through a reverse proxy (such as haproxy), mod_extforward is required to allow lighttpd to ...

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