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10:42 Lighttpd Wiki edit: Docs_ModVhostDbi (#7)


08:43 Lighttpd Support: RE: Rewrite rule appending unknown number
if i understand you correctly, you want lighttpd to lookup 'how-to-do-this' (in your example above) and find the corr...


10:23 Lighttpd Support: RE: Integration Lighttpd and my C++ application
i don't mean to heckle your plans, but since nobody else has responded...
if i were working on a project like this...
09:53 Lighttpd Support: RE: Configuring lighttpd to handle CGI executables
did you include the file extension in your global static-file.exclude-extensions variable?
09:52 Lighttpd Support: RE: problem with url.rewrite
this list matches in order. simply move the most general rule to the bottom of your stack:...
09:49 Lighttpd Support: RE: modAuth and exclusions
well, i'm not a regex expert, but it looks like your expression is describing a rule which matches if the path begins...


23:12 Lighttpd Support: RE: Parse single .html file as PHP?
enclose the ".html" => "php" mapping within a $HTTP["url"] =~ "^/path/to/your/file.html" { } block.


11:01 Lighttpd Support: RE: Cross compile lighttpd
set --prefix to where you want it to be installed on your host, then sandbox it on install:
./configure --prefix=/...


10:10 Lighttpd Support: RE: Lighty, FastCGI, C++
well.. you'll never see the cout line. to print data to the web client, use something like: FCGX_FPrintF( request.ou...
05:25 Lighttpd Support: RE: Lighty, FastCGI, C++
Well to start with, I would suggest ensuring the return values of FCGX_Init and FCGX_InitRequest to narrow down where...

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