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08:42 Lighttpd Bug #2146 (Obsolete): fix mod_proxy_backend_http vulnerability
If the http-backend sends back an invalid response, like:
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Transfer-Encoding: chunked
08:18 Lighttpd Feature #2145 (Fixed): array_get_unused_element returns correct data_type or NULL
I developped a lighty module. In this module, I mixed up data_string, data_array within one array. Lighty sometimes c...


06:54 Lighttpd Bug #2137 (Obsolete): child-process unlink pid-file when exiting
My lighttpd.conf is:
server.max-worker = 4 = "/home/work/lighttpd/log/"
I ...
05:30 Lighttpd Bug #2136 (Obsolete): when client finishes sending request and waits for response, it shouldn't report "read-idle-timeout" or "keepalive-timeout"
hi, I think it's just a bug in server.c, line 665~694.
It should be:
if (con->recv->is_closed) {
05:02 Lighttpd Bug #2135 (Patch Pending): $HTTP["host"] == "hostname:port" works wrong
05:01 Lighttpd Bug #2135 (Fixed): $HTTP["host"] == "hostname:port" works wrong
There is a bug in configure-glue.c, line 289~303...
04:10 Lighttpd Bug #2134 (Obsolete): 400 Bad Request for ASCII char 9 in header (TAB)
lighttpd 1.4.x had fixed bug #1822, but lighttpd 1.5 also has the same bug. It should be fixed.
03:46 Lighttpd Feature #2133 (Fixed): accesslog support "%n" (compress ratio)
Administrators usually want to know the compress ratio (actual content-length / original content-length) when using m...


10:20 Lighttpd Bug #2131: max-request-size comparing mistake
this patch is for lighttpd 1.5 core
10:20 Lighttpd Bug #2132: piped accesslog is disorder when server.max-worker>1
this patch is for lighttpd 1.5

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