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13:16 Lighttpd Support: RE: 502 (Bad Gateway)
Why is your FastCGI returning invalid response headers...
05:38 Lighttpd Support: RE: 502 (Bad Gateway)
The gateway is probably sending an invalid response. lighttpd >= 1.4.46 are slightly stricter in what is accepted fr...


12:20 Lighttpd Support: RE: 502 (Bad Gateway)
You say that you updated to lighttpd 1.4.49, but the response headers you provide show Server: lighttpd/1.4.46
02:38 Lighttpd Wiki edit: Server_error-handler-404Details (#10)
02:28 Lighttpd Feature #2434: [mod_proxy] Please make it possible to forward environment variables.
Recent lighttpd versions provide various SSL variables to CGI env but not to mod_proxy. However, lighttpd 1.4.46 and...


13:38 Lighttpd Bug #2900 (Invalid): Ubuntu 16.04 bash failed to execute
This is an issue tracker, not a forum. Please do not ask questions in the issue tracker. The lighttpd forums can be...
13:32 Lighttpd Support: RE: [Solved] Reverse proxy
> yes, I tried but without any luck, where my "general" question.
Asked and answered. Use mod_proxy.
> I tried...
11:57 Lighttpd Support: RE: Reverse proxy
Have you tried reading the documentation for [[Docs_ModProxy|mod_proxy]]?
Also, you should really consider upg...
05:28 Lighttpd Bug #1720: Rewrite/redirect rules and URL encoding
See [[Server_http-parseoptsDetails|server.http-parseopts]] documentation for how to enable URL normalization (recomme...
05:25 Lighttpd Bug #911: Need for URL encoding in mod_redirect and possibly mod_rewrite
Documentation for url-encoding backreferences can be found on [[Docs_ModRewrite|mod_rewrite]] in section Extended Rep...

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