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05:03 Lighttpd Revision 17373221: [mod_wstunnel] fix config parsing bug
fix logic inversion when validating values in
(thx nicorac)
05:00 Lighttpd Support: RE: wstunnel sample config
Thanks for testing it out. Looks like a logic bug in that part of the config parsing and validation. I'll push a pa...
04:37 Lighttpd Support: RE: Porting lighttpd to a new OS
> The original system was running lighttpd 1.4.30, which I know is positively ancient.
> [...]
> This means I have ...
02:48 Lighttpd Revision 6e171bd4: [core] adjust li_rand_pseudo* interfaces


18:17 Lighttpd Bug #2821 (Invalid): Porting lighttpd to new OS
Sorry, this is neither a bug nor a feature request. Please see the "Support" forum for questions like this.


18:09 Lighttpd Support: RE: Redirect if authentification failed
> I Dont'know what way will be the best way.....
Well, technically, you don't know _any_ way. You have way too ma...
17:58 Lighttpd Support: RE: SSL certicficate pass-through
> An option of course is to have the router forward 80 and 443 to the webserver and have it do these proxy farmouts t...


14:49 Lighttpd Support: RE: SSL certicficate pass-through
Since you want to keep the certificate config on the web server (not the router), yes, you want to do what works, whi...


07:44 Lighttpd Support: RE: Redirect if authentification failed
Sounds like the client-side web page should be modified to stop making requests when it receives a 401 Unauthorized.


07:37 Lighttpd Support: RE: How do I use a Domain url instead of IP address and port to access website hosted on local server?
It's pretty clear you haven't read much documentation. Not sure where you got the idea that lighttpd will look anywh...

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