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20:48 Lighttpd Support: RE: Lighttpd Worker process stuck, CPU usage at 100%
For clarity -- what is the process name that eats the CPU? lighttpd, PHP or something else? @top@ and @strace -p some...


10:46 Lighttpd Bug #2886: lighttpd: 1.4.48-1 - missing mod_openssl module in OpenWrt/LEDE 17.01.04 release
This seems more like a packaging issue and not a lighttpd issue.
However, the "fails to compile" bit may still be ...


17:42 Lighttpd Support: RE: Lighttpd - Regression since .46
Adrien, can you reproduce this problem outside your embedded system? What kind of CPU does your embedded system have ...


16:04 Lighttpd Support: RE: username / password authentication is probably related. This bug...
01:41 Lighttpd Support: RE: Warning: please add "mod_openssl" to server.modules
The answer depends on whether you are actually trying to use https on your website or not.
If you are using plain ...


08:12 Lighttpd Wiki edit: PoweredByLighttpd (#657)
Not running lighttpd
07:59 Lighttpd Wiki edit: PoweredByLighttpd (#656)
Remove dead sites


18:31 Lighttpd Bug #2881: Error 431 - oversized request header
And if you had bothered reading the link I posted a few messages ago, you would have learned that the parameter that ...
18:17 Lighttpd Bug #2881: Error 431 - oversized request header
Clearing the browser's cache and periodically restarting lighttpd may help in the very short term, but the real fix i...
17:48 Lighttpd Bug #2881: Error 431 - oversized request header
What you would need to do is to upgrade lighttpd to 1.4.47 or newer. Current version is 1.4.49. Perhaps you should as...

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