Poor forum registration experience

Added by Secret about 9 years ago


I've made an account on this forum to post about a recent experience using lighttpd.

However, I need first to write about the process of making an account to post here.

I searched in Google for "lighttpd support forum" and found this page.

I saw I needed to register to post, so I clicked and did. This took me away from the forum, and then the process sent a registration email with a confirmation link. This I clicked upon, and it took me to my account page.

At this point, I was no longer able to get to the forum I had registered on. There was no link to reach it from the tab where I had registered, and no link to reach it from the "my account" page. I had to back-browse about three steps in the original tab.

If someone clicks on a registration link on a forum, so he can post to that forum, he should not then be taken to a page where he cannot access that forum.

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RE: Poor forum registration experience - Added by nitrox about 9 years ago


I just tested the registration process. You fill in some fields, get an activation mail to test your mail address exists, activate your account by following the link and log in with the user you just created.

You are right, the page presented after first log in is somewhat misleading, but we do not know to which project we should automagically forward you, would lighttpd the correct one, i don´t know, as we have several projects.

But if are browsing e.g. lighttpd project, go to it´s forums and wanna post something, the login button takes you back to where you came from, so you are back in lighttpd/forums.