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Limit user access by HTTP method

Added by Anonymous about 14 years ago. Updated over 12 years ago.

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When specifying the restrictions for a given path, it would be nice to be able to further limit the HTTP method(s) that can be executed on that path, maybe something like this:

auth.require = (
  "/articles/" => (
    "method"  => "digest",
    "realm"   => "Articles",
    "limit"   => (
      "GET"             => ( "require" => "valid-user" )
      "PUT|POST|DELETE" => ( "require" => "user=admin" )

I'd use this for securing web applications, but it might come in handy for securing WebDAV enabled directories so that specific users can view documents, but they cannot modify or remove them.

-- dan.kubb


Updated by Anonymous about 14 years ago

I just thought I should add that this would be a useful feature to be added to mod_auth itself, not just mod_webdav.

I frequently create web applications that use PUT and DELETE, and I would like to limit who can perform what method. REST style web apps that make full use of the HTTP methods are becoming more common lately.

-- dan.kubb


Updated by Anonymous almost 13 years ago

I'd like this feature for Webdav to. Considering letting people upload the index.html files using Webdav, but ofcourse they'll need to authenticate first. I cant seem to find other ways to get this feature implemented.

-- lighttpd_net.3.lyager


Updated by moo over 12 years ago

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use $HTTPrequest-method in 1.5

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