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= Developing Lighty = 

 Everyone is invited to join the [wiki:DevelopersList developer group] of lighty. There is always a need in bright minds, great writers and new ideas. 

 Join the irc-channel #lighttpd at It is the usual communication point for the devs. 

  * [wiki:Devel/Subversion] 
  * [wiki:Devel/Win32] 
  * [wiki:DevelopmentProceduresR1.5 Development procedures for Lighttpd v1.5.x] 
  * PendingPatches 
  * OperationTicketCleanup 
  * [wiki:SolvedTickets SolvedTickets: Tickets marked with the keyword "solved" by users] 
  * [wiki:SvnGraph Subversion Branches and Tags Graphviz]