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h1. IP Based Geographic Lookups 


 Module: mod_geoip 

 h2. Requirements 

 Packages: GeoIP C API & Library ( 

 h2. Overview 

 mod_geoip is a module for fast ip/location lookups. It uses MaxMind GeoIP / GeoCity databases. 
 If the ip was found in the database the module sets the appropriate environments variables to the request, thus making other modules/fcgi be informed. 

 Currently only country/city databases are supported because they have a free version that i can test. - GeoIP.dat.gz for Countries, GeoLiteCity.dat.gz for Countries & Cities 

 h1. Installation 

 *NOTE:* As of 1.4.14 the lighttpd distribution does not include the compile file required to perform a automake in the source directory. Use "automake -a" instead.  

 # Download the source file ( 
    - (for lighttpd 1.5 use 
    and rename it to "mod_geoip.c" 
 # Copy mod_geoip.c into lighttpd src directory. 
 # Apply to compile in lighttpd 1.4.39 
 # (optional) see for additional suggested patch 
 # Edit your src/ and add this after the last module:  

         lib_LTLIBRARIES += 
         mod_geoip_la_SOURCES = mod_geoip.c 
         mod_geoip_la_LDFLAGS = -module -export-dynamic -avoid-version -no-undefined 
         mod_geoip_la_LIBADD = $(common_libadd) -lGeoIP 

 # Go back to lighttpd root directory and first do: aclocal && automake -a && autoconf, after that do: make clean; ./configure --enable-maintainer-mode; make; make install 
 *NOTE:* the command of 'make clean' gives error on Fedora 4 and may not be necessary to compile properly. [j lightstone//] 

 # Make sure /usr/local/lib is in your file and rebuld the ld database (using: ldconfig).  

 # Add to the config file      server.modules    = ("mod_geoip")          [j lightstone//] 

 *NOTE:* If using mod_proxy, add mod_geoip BEFORE mod_proxy. 

 h2. Configuration Options 

 *NOTE:* in lighttpd 1.5.x add the config vars only to the global config - adding into a vhost crashes lighty! 

 mod_geoip uses two configuration options. 

 # geoip.db-filename = <path to the geoip or geocity database> 
 # geoip.memory-cache = <enable|disable> : default disabled 

 if enabled, mod_geoip will load the database binary file to 
 memory for very fast lookups. the only penalty is memory usage. 

 *NOTE:* mod_geoip will determine the database type automatically so if you enter GeoCity database path it will load GeoCity Env. 

 h2. Environment 

 Every database sets it's own ENV: 

 GeoIP (Country): 




 h2. Examples 

 mod_geoip + php 

 *NOTE:* in lighttpd 1.5.x add the config vars only to the global config - adding into a vhost crashes lighty! 

 when using fastcgi (not only php) you can access mod_geoip env and do as you please. this example just prints all mod_geoip envs to the client, html. 

  geoip.db-filename = "/your-geoip-db-path/GeoLiteCity.dat" 
  geoip.memory-cache = "enable" 

          $country_code = $_SERVER['GEOIP_COUNTRY_CODE']; 
          $country_code3 = $_SERVER['GEOIP_COUNTRY_CODE3']; 
          $country_name = $_SERVER['GEOIP_COUNTRY_NAME']; 

          $city_region = $_SERVER['GEOIP_CITY_REGION']; 
          $city_name = $_SERVER['GEOIP_CITY_NAME']; 
          $city_postal_code = $_SERVER['GEOIP_CITY_POSTAL_CODE']; 
          $city_latitude = $_SERVER['GEOIP_CITY_LATITUDE']; 
          $city_long_latitude = $_SERVER['GEOIP_CITY_LONG_LATITUDE']; 
          $city_dma_code = $_SERVER['GEOIP_CITY_DMA_CODE']; 
          $city_area_code = $_SERVER['GEOIP_CITY_AREA_CODE']; 

          echo "<html>\n<body>\n\t<br>\n"; 
          echo 'Country Code: ' . $country_code . '<br>'; 
          echo 'Country Code 3: ' . $country_code3 . '<br>'; 
          echo 'Country Name: ' . $country_name . '<br>'; 
          echo '<br>'; 
          echo 'City Region: ' . $city_region . '<br>'; 
          echo 'City Name: ' . $city_name . '<br>'; 
          echo 'City Postal Code: ' . $city_postal_code . '<br>'; 
          echo 'City Latitude: ' . $city_latitude . '<br>'; 
          echo 'City Long Latitude: ' . $city_long_latitude . '<br>'; 
          echo 'City DMA Code: ' . $city_dma_code . '<br>'; 
          echo 'City Area Code: ' . $city_area_code . '<br>'; 
          echo "</body>\n</html>"; 

 +country based redirect+ 

  $HTTP["host"] =~ "" { 
      url.rewrite = ( "" => "/redirect.php") 

         $country_code = ( !empty( $_SERVER['GEOIP_COUNTRY_CODE'] ) ) ? $_SERVER['GEOIP_COUNTRY_CODE'] : 'US'; 
         header( 'Location: http://'.strtolower( $country_code ).'' ); 

 Currently redirecting based on mod_geoip through the lighttpd config file is possible with some patches: An alternative would be to use mod_magnet. 

 h2. Downloads