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h1. Determines the MIME type of a file by looking at a few bytes of its contents 

 *Module: mod_mimemagic* 

 h2. Description 

 This module determines the MIME type of files in the same way the Unix file(1) command works: it looks at the first few bytes of the file. mod_mimemagic.c is based on mod_mime_magic.c of httpd 2.0. 

 h2. Installation 

 This module is a 3rd party module and is not included in the official distribution. You can download the patch from here: 

 * source: 
 * Patch For lighttpd 1.4.26: 

 h2. Options 

 path of magic.mime file. can use same magic file of httpd server 

 mimemagic.file = "/etc/httpd/conf/magic" 

    Default: not set 

 By default mod_mimemagic only process files which extensions aren't covered by mime.type setting. 
 If you want to override global mime.type, set mimemagic.override-global-mimetype to "enable" 

 mimemagic.override-global-mimetype = "enable" 

    Default: disable