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h1. The SQL Virtual Host Interface 

 *Module: mod_sql_vhost_core* 

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 h2. Description 

 Provides a way to store a virtual hosts document root in an SQL database.  

 Keep in mind that only one vhost module should be active at a time. Don't mix virtual hosting modules. 

 h2. Installation 

 If you want to use mod_sql_vhost_core you have to load it first. Each SQL backend is a module too and has to be loaded 
 after the core-module. 

  server.modules = ( 
    ... ) 

 h2. Options 

 The core module supports the following options: 

  sql-vhost.backend = "mysql" 
  sql-vhost.debug = 99  
  sql-vhost.db = "lighttpd" 
  sql-vhost.user = "lighttpd" 
  sql-vhost.pass = "secret" 
  sql-vhost.hostname = "localhost" 
  sql-vhost.port = 3306 = "SELECT docroot FROM domain_docroot WHERE domain='?';" 
  sql-vhost.cache-ttl = 15