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#!rst ===
UserOnline ===

Module: mod_useronline

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:keywords: lighttpd, online user, tracking, unique ips

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Module that tracks users online/active by unique ips (no cookies), includes counting hits, and linking into mod_status (



enable or disable tracking for given area
Default: 0 [disabled]
Example: useronline.enable = 1


number of seconds till user/ip is no longer considered online
Default: 300
Example: useronline.online_age = 600


number of seconds till user/ip is no longer considered active (note: setting this higher than online_age will give you the same active count as online)
Default: useronline.online_age / 3 = 100
Example: useronline.active_age = 60


max number of ips to track (note: if this limit is hit, the server will not track new users/ips)
Memory Usage: 16 * max_ips (on a 64bit system)
Default: 1024
Example: useronline.max_ips = 4096


name to associate to the variables shown in server-statistics (if not set, it will not report)
Default: unset
Example: useronline.status_name = "myWonderfulSite"


When configured properly, you will notice a few new environment variables accessible to you. In PHP you can output the number of online users like so:

<?php echo $_ENV['USERS_ONLINE'] ?>

Here is a current list of environment variables generated by this module:


number of online users (IPs that last hit >= online_age seconds ago)


number of active users (IPs that last hit >= min(online_age, active_age) seconds ago)


number of hits seen by the current ip while being online/active


number of seconds that a user is still considered online (just reports the current setting)


number of seconds that a user is still considered active (just reports the current setting)


max number of ips tracked (just reports the current setting)


site/conditional id, where the tracking data is located (may be used in the future to link)

Server Statistics

If useronline.status_name is set, the module will report to status counters that will be displayed in

Example: (using: useronline.status_name = "myWonderfulSite")
useronline.myWonderfulSite.active_age: 100 9
useronline.myWonderfulSite.max_ips: 4096
useronline.myWonderfulSite.online_age: 300
useronline.myWonderfulSite.users_active: 110
useronline.myWonderfulSite.users_online: 296

The top 4 lines report settings, while the last 2 report the current counters.

You will notice an id number listed, this is the id where the data for that site/conditional is stored. It may be used in the future to link multiple sites/conditonals together to use the same counters, to make it easier to count online users across multiple domains.


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