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h1. Google Summer of Code 2009 

 Each year, Google is running their Summer of Code event in which they fund students to work on open source projects. 
 For more information refer to the "official GSoC site": 

 h2. Ideas 

 List any ideas you have here including a description. 

 * implement bayeux (cometd protocol) as described in "mod_mailbox": 
 * implement a scoreboard to make server.max-workers a clean approach 
 * improve the lighttpd-angel to integrate nicely with supervise and runit for graceful restarts 
 * make mod_fastcgi multiplex requests over same connection, IE exploit CONN_MPX 
 * h264 or Ogg streaming module (Ogg is the native media codec in Firefox 3.1) 
 * implement a mod_wsgi 
 * implement a mod_webdav variant with a VCS backend (like apache has for svn, but maybe for something nice like git instead) 
 * alternatively, make a mod_webdav version that is flexible about its backend 
 * implement a mod_caldav (so lighttpd could become this first pain-free and actually well-working free caldav solution!) 

 h3. For 1.5.0 

 * streaming upload and chunked encoding for uploads 
 * scalability testing for 1.5.x and its threaded backends on large-scale hardware 
 * continue work on the 1.5 branch to make Windows builds seamless 
 * stop implementing new features and stabilize the branch for a release