How to Support Configuration per Virtual Host

  1. Use mod_simple_vhost to set up your virtual hosts in subdirectories, e.g. `/www/servers/` etc.
  1. Add an include_shell option to the end of your config file:

include_shell "/www/config_servers" 
  1. Create the file `/www/config_servers` with the following contents, and make sure it is readable (and executable?) by the lighttpd server:


for VHOST in `find /var/servers/ -mindepth 1 -maxdepth 1  \( -type d -or -type l \) -exec test -e "{}/server.conf" \; -exec basename "{}" \; 2>/dev/null` ; do {
  echo "\$HTTP[\"host\"] == \"$VHOST\" {" 
  echo "var.vhost_name = \"$VHOST\"" 
  echo "server.document-root = \"/www/servers/$VHOST\"" 
  cat "/www/servers/$VHOST/server.conf" 
  echo "}" 
} ; done

Then for each virtual host, just create a server.conf file containing the options that should pertain to that host; the config_servers script will wrap them in a condition matching the hostname, and set two variables:

  • vhost_name : the virtual host name, e.g. ""
  • vhost_path : the path to the virtual host directory, e.g. "/www/servers/"

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