Logo Contest

Back in early 2005, Jan started a contest to find an official logo for lighty.
There were many great entries that are listed here. Not all could be recovered though :(

Thomas Maas

The concept logo consists of 4 light-beams creating a spotlight. Lighttpd is not placed inside the circle of light because lighttpd is creating the circle its not in the spotlight, it lets your app. be in the spotlight.


Full Scale:

Enrique Pardo

Here's my contribution to your logo contest.

I worked on the idea of something 'lightweight' to which I added the concept of infinity symbolized by a Moebius strip. Colors are luminous and can be tweaked of course to suit your taste.

The logo describes what a web-server software means to me: lightweight, infinite uptime, brisk and reliable.

Hope you like it

Justin Palmer

I decided to take a shot at the lighttpd logo. I've attached the file.
Best of luck with the contest!

Adam Keys

My entry for the lighttpd logo contest. Scalable SVG and rendered bitmap attached.

Sebastian Gräßl

Robert PK

I have created some logos (4). I hope you like them.


Here are our contributions to your logo contest. There are 8 separate submissions in total.

These can also viewed at our website at

For ease of display, we've submitted these as png but these originally are scaleable vector images.

Many thanks, Phu & Michael Ly


Russ Smith

Sebastian Gräßl

Richard Spindler

I noticed your Logo Contest for Lighttpd, and this is a little work of

Actually I do not believe that it makes a serious contender, because
well, I took the images it's based upon from google-image search, so I'm
not 'exactly' sure about copyright issues ;)

And it's also not a completely polished piece of work, as I have very
little time these days, it's basically just a rough sketch made in the

However, if you like it I'd be honoured if you'd add it to your
logo-contest page, maybe to serve as an inspiration for other artists.

Matt Wood


Woody Gilk

Will Mitchell

I also tried doing the font with an outline, but the way it turned out just made me want to watch The Life Aquatic again:

Actually, the real source of the heavy d was an inventive (but way too silly) rough draft:

There were a couple of other fonts that almost made the cut. They gave the whole thing a different personality:

So there's the history :)


Amy Hoy

Here's my entry for you to consider. I think of lighttpd as "springy" and so I designed a leaf. The files are all vector/EPS, so scalable to any size, and if chosen I can provide a greyscale version as well for any letterheads etc. that you print.

Manfred Weber

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