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h1. Promotional Artwork 

 "Phu": was the winner of the lighttpd logo contest and is therefor the author of the official lighttpd logo. 
 His great work is under a "Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license": 
 It was later "remixed" and simplyfied by Paul from (parked domain now). 

 !light_logo.png! !lighttpd_logo_endturn_02.png! 

 Show that your site is powered by Lighttpd with these badges and promotional materials. 

 !! official badge 

 !lighty.png! by "Digital Fox":, License: CC-Attribution-Sharealike, "Source": 

 Badges by "Kotaro": License: unkown (quote: "Steal and put these buttons as feel free") 

 !btn_lighttpd_a_01.png! !btn_lighttpd_a_02.png! !btn_lighttpd_a_03.png! !btn_lighttpd_a_04.png! 
 !btn_lighttpd_b_02.png! !btn_lighttpd_b_04.png! !btn_lighttpd_b_04.png! !btn_lighttpd_b_04.png! 

 !v_btn_lighttpd_a_01.png! !v_btn_lighttpd_a_02.png! !v_btn_lighttpd_a_03.png! !v_btn_lighttpd_a_04.png!     !v_btn_lighttpd_b_01.png! !v_btn_lighttpd_b_02.png! !v_btn_lighttpd_b_03.png! !v_btn_lighttpd_b_04.png!