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h1. Lighttpd Plugins 

 * "Mysql auth backend": 
 * [[lighttpd:Docs:ModCache|mod_cache]] 
 * [[lighttpd:Docs:ModGeoip|mod_geoip]] 
 * [[lighttpd:Docs:ModUserOnline|mod_useronline]] 
 * [[lighttpd:Docs:ModUserTrack|mod_usertrack]] 

 * [[CppModules|Information on using C++ in your lighttpd modules]]  

 h1. Control Panel Plugins 

 * "ISPConfig LIGHTTPD plugin": 

 h1. Tools 

 h2. spawn-fcgi 

 spawn-fcgi is used to start FastCGI applications; it binds the application to a socket and starts it; it supports useful features like dropping privileges, chowning the Unix domain socket so the webserver can connect to it, chroot and more. 
 * "spawn-fcgi": 
 * "spawn-fcgi 2": 

 h2. multiwatch 

 multiwatch is a useful addition to spawn-fcig; it allows to supervise multiple backends with daemontools+spawn-fcgi+multiwatch on the same socket. 
 * "multiwatch": 

 h2. fcgi-cgi 

 fcgi-cgi is a wrapper to execute CGI scripts/binaries via FastCGI, allowing you to have clean and easy privilege separation (if you start fcgi-cgi with spawn-fcgi). 
 * "fcgi-cgi": 

 h2. fcgi-debug 

 fcgi-debug helps viewing FastCGI streams, for this you just spawn it between the webserver and your application: 
 * "fcgi-debug":