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h1. Tutorials 

 Complete guides: 
 * "Complete guide to setup your server with Lighttpd, PHP5, MySQL, e-mail, firewall etc.": 

 Setting up Applications: 
 * [[TutorialLighttpdAndPHP|Setting up PHP with Lighttpd]] 
 * [[LighttpdOnRails|Using Rails with Lighttpd]]  
 * [[ApplicationsUsingLighttpd|Using Perl via a FastCGI dispatcher]] 
 * [[W3CMarkupValidator|Using W3C Markup Validator with Lighttpd]] 
 * [[BlosxomRecipe|Setting up Blosxom with Lighttpd]] 
 * [[Ajaxterm|Setting up Ajaxterm with Lighttpd]]  
 * [[ApacheSubversionRecipe|Using Apache+Subversion with Lighttpd]]  
 * [[NagiosRecipe|Setting up Nagios with Lighttpd]] 
 * [[JoomlaSEO|Setup SEO in Joomla]]  
 * [[Pligg|Setup SEO in Pligg]] 
 * [[MasonRecipe|Using Mason with Lighttpd and FastCGI]]  
 * [[RequestTracker|Using Request Tracker with Lighttpd (via FastCGI, using Mason)]]  
 * [[ZopeRecipe|Using Zope & Plone with Lighttpd]] 
 * [[|Pastebin with Lighttpd (via FastCGI)]] 
 * "Setting up Lighttpd and AWStats": 
 * "Python::Pylons (SCGI method)": 
 * "Python::TurboGears": 
 * "Python::Django": 
 * "Perl::Catalyst": 
 * "Python::Quixote": 
 * "Python::webpy": 
 * "Using Pike with FastCGI":  
 * "lighttpd + Nevow (Twisted) Virtual Hosts": 
 * "Wordpress Permalinks Howto": 
 * "Wordpress Clean URLs (Permalinks) using mod_rewrite": 
 * "Drupal Lighttpd with 'Clean Urls' HowTo": 
 * "Zen Cart and Ultimate SEO URLs on Lighttpd": 
 * "Using Joomla with Lighttpd (And SEF URL's)": 
 * "Using Lighty with ISPconfig (Web Hosting Panel) - Will be shipped with future ISPconfig-Released": 
 * "a fresh debian 4.0 etch and lighttpd installation with php, mysql, mod_geoip (maxmind database) and visitors webstats, monitored by runit": 
 * "A complete Debian server tutorial, including lighttpd for web hosting with ssl and virtual hosts": 
 * "How to configure lighty with suPHP": 
 * "Lighty Story - multiple CakePHP applications with config parser using include_shell": 
 * "Configuring Lighttpd for CakePHP using mod_rewrite": 
 * "Configuring Lighttpd for SMF (Simple Machine) using mod_rewrite": 

 * "Simple maintenance mode scripts": 
 * [[DebianBrokenLogrotate|Debian/Ubuntu]] sample logrotate script 
 * Startup scripts 
 ** [[ScriptsUbuntu|Ubuntu]] 
 ** [[ScriptsCentOS|CentOS]]