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h1. Welcome to Lighttpd 


 h2. Description 
 "lighttpd": (pronounced /lighty/) is a secure, fast, standards compliant, and very flexible web server that has been optimized for high-performance environments. lighttpd supports a wide variety of features while using memory and CPU efficiently, making lighttpd an ideal web server for all systems, small and large. 

 h2. Latest Release 

 * [[Release-1_4_75|1.4.75]]: 2024-03-13 incrementally stronger TLS cipher defaults; bugs fixes 

 h2. Get Lighttpd 

 * [[GetLighttpd|lighttpd binary packages]] 
 * [[InstallFromSource|lighttpd source code and build instructions]] 

 h2. Documentation 

 * Help 
 ** Please read through Configuration and Reference documentation below. 
 ** Please try using the Search box in the upper right part of this page. 
 ** IRC: "libera":, channel "#lighttpd":ircs:// ("webchat": "#lighttpd":irc:// 
 ** "How to get help": tips for *posting questions to the "Forums":* 
 ** Please check the lighttpd issue tracker to see if your issue has already been reported and fixed 
    "known issues":/projects/lighttpd/roadmap (fixed pending next lighttpd release) 
    "issue archive":/projects/lighttpd/issues?set_filter=1&op[status_id]=*&f[]= 
 ** Please report bugs in lighttpd (and *please direct questions to the "Forums":*) 
    [[HowToReportABug|How to report a bug]] - lighttpd issue tracker is for issues in lighttpd; not for questions. 
    If you feel that you should not make a bug report public, please send email to: security (at) lighttpd (dot) net 
 ** "How to get help": tips for *posting questions to the "Forums":* 
    Reading "How to get help": is highly recommended. 

 * Configuration 
 ** [[TutorialConfiguration|Configuration: Quick Start]] 
 ** [[Docs_Configuration|Configuration: File Syntax]]  
 ** [[Docs_ConfigurationOptions|Configuration: Options]] 
 ** [[Docs_SSL|Configuration: TLS/SSL]] 
 ** [[DebugVariables|Configuration: Debug Variables]] 

 * Reference 
 ** FAQs: [[FrequentlyAskedQuestions|Frequently Asked Questions]]  
 ** HOWTOs: [[HowTos|How to ...]] 
 ** [[Docs_ResourceTuning|Resource Tuning]] 
 ** [[Docs_Performance|Performance Tuning]] 

 * [[Devel|Developer Reference]] (developing and coding) 

 * [[Docs|Documentation Overview]] (site map) 

 h2. Blog 

 * "lighttpd blog archives": 
 * "Simplify Your Configfiles with Includes": 

 h2. Community 

 * [[Tutorials]] 

 * IRC: "libera":,    channel "#lighttpd":irc:// 
 * [[Mailinglists]] 

 * [[AbsoLUAtion|Abso *lua* tion, or the power of Lighttpd + Lua: code-snippets, link-collection, small helpers or solutions]] 
 * Monitoring Lighttpd with Munin - "PyMunin": is a python module for developing Multigraph Monitoring Plugins for Munin and includes a "PyMunin plugin for lighttpd": 

 * "Lighttpd related tips, howtos from HowtoForge": 
 * [[3rdPartySoftware|Other code contributions, extensions and useful tools]] 
 * "syntax file for vim": 
 * CodeSnippets: "lighttpd section from CodeSnippets": 
 * "Lighttpd by Andre Bogus | Packt Publishing, July 2008": 

 h2. Benchmarks 
 Never blindly trust us when we say that lighttpd is fast. Do your own benchmarks and feel for yourself how everything gets faster. If you just want to see some numbers, take a look at our benchmarks: 
 * our very own web-server shootout  
 * Apache is sometimes better  

 h2. Contributing 

 This wiki is open for everyone to provide help, grow and improve! 

 h2. Press 

 2021.12.08 "Lighttpd: Free, Open-Source Web Server Software That Makes Enterprise-Grade Management Tools Accessible to SMBs": 

 h2. Propaganda 

 * [[PoweredByLighttpd|PoweredByLighttpd]] - *a list of large sites running lighttpd*  
 * [[PromotionalArtwork|Promotional Artwork]]