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icy, 2009-06-05 20:07
added cmake example

Lighttpd 2.0 is work in progress - it is not finished and should not be used in a production environment
We do not provide any support for it until it is somewhat complete and ready for testing. Do NOT ask questions in the lighttpd forum.
Thanks for understanding.


  • Checkout source: bzr branch (use bzr pull to update it)
  • Build with cmake or waf (mkdir cmakebuild && cd cmakebuild && ccmake .. && make or ./waf configure --with-all && ./waf)
  • Deployment
    1. Installing
    2. Configuring
  • Tips - Best practices, useful tips for young and old
  • Config - The config syntax and structure in detail
  • Modules - Available modules
  • Howtos - Collection of different howtos
  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
  • Bug Reporting - How to report a bug

Community and Support

Support is given via IRC and the forum. Bugreports are handled via the issue/ticket system.



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