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h1. WikiStart 

 h2. New Releases 

 * version:"1.6.3" 2009-09-23 ("fixed bugs": 
 * version:"1.6.2" 2009-04-18 ("fixed bugs": 
 * version:"1.6.1" 2009-03-29 ("fixed bugs": 
 * version:"1.6.0" 2009-02-28 ("fixed bugs": 


 h2. Why you should use spawn-fcgi instead of something else 

 * Privilege separation without needing a suid-binary or running a server as root. 
 * Protect (unix) socket - only the webserver can connect to your backend (especially php can be vulnerable if untrusted users can connect) 
 * You can restart your web server and the FastCGI applications without restarting the others. 
 * You can run them in different chroot()s. 
 * Running your FastCGI applications doesn’t depend on the web server you are running, which allows for easier testing of/migration to other web servers. 


 h2. Building 

 * [[Build|Build from normal releases/snapshots]] 
 * [[SVN|Build from SVN]] 

 h2. Usage 

 * [[Basic Ideas]] 
 * Example run scripts for daemontools or runit: source:/trunk/doc/ 

 h2. Known issues 

 * Windows: doesn't work with "native" (i.e. not cygwin) binaries. 
   See ( 

 h2. Pages in lighttpd wiki 

 * [[lighttpd:Example_fastcgiCentosInitScript|Example:fastcgiCentosInitScript]] 
 * [[lighttpd:ScriptsUbuntu|ScriptsUbuntu]] 
 * [[lighttpd:HowToSetupFastCgiIndividualPermissions|HowToSetupFastCgiIndividualPermissions]] 
 * [[lighttpd:HowToSetupFastCgiIndividualPermissionsInitScript|HowToSetupFastCgiIndividualPermissionsInitScript]] 
 * [[lighttpd:HowToRestartLocalBackendWithoutDowntime|HowToRestartLocalBackendWithoutDowntime]] 
 * [[lighttpd:HowtoSpeedUpStatWithFastcgi|HowtoSpeedUpStatWithFastcgi]] 
 * [[lighttpd:Docs_ModFastCGI|Docs:ModFastCGI]] 

 h3. Development 

 * [[Release-Procedure]]