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Release Info

  • Version: 1.4.37
  • Previous version: 1.4.36
  • Branch: 1.4
  • Status: stable
  • Release Purpose: bug fixes
  • Release manager: stbuehler
  • Released date: 2015-08-30

In good tradition every (second) release is followed by another one to fix the regressions. Sorry...
So this release contains mostly regression fixes for 1.4.36 and other bug fixes.

Important changes from 1.4.36

1.4.37 contains some regression fixes for 1.4.36, and cmake, scons and FreeBSD (and maybe other BSDs) related fixes. Static builds (for now scons only) have been improved. mmap handling in mod_cgi was improved, also the network mmap backend now handles SIGBUS (SIGBUS is triggered if a file gets smaller while reading; there are still some other places this can happen).

The internal API changed again, so please be careful with 3rd party plugins.

The test suite on our jenkins instance is now also run for scons (including static and fullstatic builds) and FreeBSD, hopefully preventing the kind of regressions especially FreeBSD had with 1.4.36 in future releases.


Changes from 1.4.36

  • [mod_proxy] remove debug log line from error log (fixes #2659)
  • [mod_dirlisting] fix dir-listing.set-footer not showing
  • fix out-of-filedescriptors when uploading "large" files (fixes #2660, thx rmilecki)
  • increase upload temporary chunk file size from 1MB to 16MB
  • fix undefined integer shift
  • rewrite network sendfile/mmap/writev/write backends
  • fix some unchecked return value warnings
  • [kqueue] fix kevent call
  • [autoconf] define HAVE_CRYPT when crypt() is present
  • [bsd xattr] fix compile break with BSD extended attributes in stat_cache
  • [mod_cgi] rewrite mmap and generic (post body) send error handling
  • [mmap] fix mmap alignment
  • [plugins] when modules are linked statically still only load the modules given in the config
  • [mmap] handle SIGBUS in network; those get triggered if the file gets smaller during reading
  • fix some warnings found by coverity ("leak" in setup phase, not catching too long unix socket paths in mod_proxy)

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