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Release Info

  • Version: 1.4.72
  • Previous version: 1.4.71
  • Branch: 1.4
  • Status: stable
  • Release Purpose: bug fixes
  • Release manager: gstrauss
  • Released date: 2023-10-06

Important changes from 1.4.71

  • bugfixes


Changes from 1.4.71

  • [core] save config read from stdin across restart
  • [core] warn if daemonize w/o absolute config path
  • [mod_dirlisting] send Link w/ external css or js
  • [mod_dirlisting] fix missing header/readme (fixes #3211)
  • [core] ignore coverity warning
  • [core] ignore coverity warning
  • [core] reqpool.c:request_set_con()
  • [core] request_init_data() minor optim
  • [core] request.c:request_pool_{push,pop}
  • Revert "[core] h2 http_request_parse_header() tweak"
  • [core] enable config conditions on HTTP/2 PRI
  • [mod_webdav] extend symlink support (non-standard)
  • [mod_extforward] fix extforward.params config opt
  • [mod_authn_ldap] fix config auth.require group=... (fixes #3216)
  • [core] set CON_STATE_READ_POST for HTTP/2 reqbody
  • [core] chunkqueue_read_squash() returns cq->first
  • [core] get body from cq at offset in chunk
  • [doc] update stbuehler address
  • [tests] use sha crypt for fastcgi auth environment tests
  • [tests] drop des-crypt and crypt-md5 auth tests - deprecated/not available on various platforms
  • [core] code size: xxhash XXH_NO_STREAM
  • [core] fdevent_sh_exec()
  • [mod_dirlisting] http_dirlist_auto_layout_early_hints()
  • [mod_dirlisting] send 103 w/ external css or js
  • [mod_dirlisting] json output for /<path>/?json
  • [mod_dirlisting] include ETag with cached result
  • [core] import xxHash v0.8.2
  • [tests] move %ENV modifications into forked child
  • [mod_ssi] init hctx->wq to init alt cq tempdirs
  • [tests] initialize request_st cqs in tests
  • [core] chunkqueue_env_tmpdir()
  • [core] config_set_defaults() reduce code size
  • [tests] use current perl interpreter path for env.PERL in lighttpd.conf
  • [mod_deflate] code reuse to create temp file
  • [core] skip pwrite() to temp file if 0 len write
  • [core] store cq->tempdirs in stack var
  • [core] remove tempdirs ptr from struct chunkqueue
  • [core] treat upload_temp_file_size=0 as default sz
  • [core] hide unused var on _WIN32 compiler warning
  • [mod_nss] nspr include prefix portability(attempt)
  • [CI] scripts/ arg consistency;add meson
  • [CI] remove wolfssl from autobuild; let rest build
  • [CI] remove NSS from autobuild; let rest build
  • [CI] remove mbedtls from autobuild; let rest build
  • [mod_nss] nspr include prefix portability(attempt)
  • [CI] adjust meson; add pam, maxminddb
  • [CI] fix typo --with-pam
  • [CI] remove maxminddb from autobuild,cmake; let rest build
  • [CI] re-enable additional dependencies
  • [core] optimize for non-Range requests
  • [core] allow larger number of Ranges if sorted
  • [tests] test_http_range.c
  • [core] attempt to quiet coverity warning
  • [build] now produces .md for www.l.n
  • [core] disable keep-alive if HTTP/1.1 CL and TE
  • [core] reject empty Content-Length for HTTP/1.x
  • [core] reject uppercase in unrecognized HTTP/2 hdr
  • [core] warn dynamic mods listed before staticfile
  • [core] dev-only internal request state debugging
  • [core] short-circuit connection_state_machine_loop
  • [core] reset connection-level state at con level
  • [core] optim for non-throttle writes
  • [core] remove connection_handle_write HTTP/1.x opt
  • [core] yield writing large HTTP/1.x on slow device
  • [core] tighten h2_process_streams()
  • [core] h2_process_streams() simpler loop to retire
  • [core] http_response_physical_pathinfo()
  • [core] http_response_prepare() tweaks
  • [meson] Fix 'getoption' meson typo
  • [core] use different getxattr() prototype on MacOS
  • [mod_deflate] do not compress any 1xx status
  • [core] http_response_304(), http_response_412()
  • [core] add config option to reject pathinfo
  • [core] expand mimetype.assign builtin defaults
  • [core] mark some cold routines noinline
  • [core] add config opt to send GOAWAY for bad auth
  • [core] show_features() show inotify or kqueue
  • [core] stat_cache_refresh_entry()
  • [core] splaytree: use all 32-bits of hash value
  • [core] splaytree: compare keys directly
  • [core] splaytree: splaytree_splay_nonnull()
  • [core] stat_cache: stat_cache_sptree_ndx()
  • [multiple] use splaytree_splay_nonnull()
  • [h2] comment struct h2con h2_sid member is unused
  • [mod_openssl] disable DH auto if DHParameters set
  • [mod_openssl] replace deprecated openssl funcs
  • [core] splaytree: splaytree_delete_splayed_node()
  • [multiple] use splaytree_delete_splayed_node()
  • [core] splaytree: splaytree_insert_splayed()
  • [multiple] use splaytree_insert_splayed()
  • [core] _WIN32 fs_win32_readlinkUTF8() (#3223)
  • [mod_magnet] lighty.c.readlink() (fixes #3223)
  • [core] add config option to reject pathinfo
  • [mod_dirlisting] send 103 Early Hints only for h2+
  • [mod_webdav] reject non-identity Content-Encoding
  • [scons] include mod_h2 in static builds (fixes #3224)
  • [core] http_request_validate_pseudohdrs comment
  • [core] comment out redundant code
  • [core] reset addtl state b4 dynamic error handler
  • [core] reject Connection hdr in h2 as soon as seen
  • [mod_h2] process headers for debug
  • [mod_h2] comments and behavior for h2spec tests
  • [multiple] mark func attribute_returns_nonnull
  • [core] expand mimetype.assign builtin defaults
  • [core] warn if IPv6 socket not supported
  • [mod_simple_vhost,mod_evhost] check host strict
  • [mod_simple_vhost,mod_evhost] minor code transform
  • [mod_magnet] quiet 32-bit compiler warning

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