From 2017-05-17 to 2017-05-23


04:45 Lighttpd Feature #2693 (Fixed): [PATCH] support SSL_CLIENT_VERIFY & SSL_CLIENT_S_DN
Applied in changeset commit:fb87ae860481cd2ab3da9451faaaf7987ae8a645. gstrauss
04:32 Lighttpd Feature #2693 (Patch Pending): [PATCH] support SSL_CLIENT_VERIFY & SSL_CLIENT_S_DN
04:32 Lighttpd Revision fb87ae86: [mod_openssl] safer_X509_NAME_oneline() (fixes #2693)
provide a safer X590_NAME_oneline() with return value semantics similar
to those of snprintf() and use safer_X509_NAM...
02:06 Lighttpd Feature #1237 (Missing Feedback): A new Full-duplex Ajax module
This was a substantial contribution. Thank you! I hope that others have made good use of this over the past decade.... gstrauss


22:35 Lighttpd Feature #2060: mod_connect
As I mentioned above, "CONNECT" is an HTTP/1.1 method, and HTTP/1.1 requires presence of Host: header.
While some ...
22:06 Lighttpd Feature #2060: mod_connect
Just a few notes to keep in mind if one wants to support @CONNECT@:
* @CONNECT@ is also used with @HTTP/1.0@ as ve...
18:09 Lighttpd Feature #2060 (Missing Feedback): mod_connect
(FYI, HTTP method CONNECT is HTTP/1.1, not HTTP/1.0)
lighttpd does not directly handle HTTP method CONNECT, but li...
18:33 Lighttpd Revision e29f7d57: [mod_dirlisting] sort "../" to top of names
sort "../" to top of names and do not emit "../" for docroot gstrauss
14:40 Lighttpd Bug #2812 (Invalid): Rest API calls have been pending for long time in Lighttpd -1.4.45
This is a very poorly worded bug report. Please use your favorite search engine to look for how to ask a good techni... gstrauss
14:12 Lighttpd Bug #2812 (Invalid): Rest API calls have been pending for long time in Lighttpd -1.4.45
With the latest lighttpd 1.4.45 all the rest api calls has been pending for
long time and it becom...
13:48 Lighttpd2 Revision 808cdf30: handle ENAMETOOLONG in various places
- static, flv: return 414
- dirlist, pathinfo: treat as not-existing (i.e. no handling)
- also re...
Stefan Bühler
12:04 Lighttpd2 Revision 863b433a: [doc build] remove markdown support
- bluecloth is dead, and was dropped from debian
- markdown wasn't used in any doc
Change-Id: I61f51724a5abbae6cc0e4...
Stefan Bühler


01:55 Lighttpd Revision b298e2ac: [mod_extforward] quiet clang compiler warning
It does seem possible for PROXY protocol subelements to be misaligned
and a message has been sent to HAProxy author o...


04:44 Lighttpd Revision 21081c7b: [mod_openssl] fix compile with openssl 1.1.0
fix compile with openssl 1.1.0
remove stray tabs from prior commit
(thx gazoo74)
02:25 Lighttpd Revision 04d510af: [mod_openssl] ignore client verification error if not enforced
ignore client verification error if not enforced
e.g. *not* ssl.verifyclient.enforce = "enable"
github: closes #83...

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